Examples of Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessment 1 - Completed using the form from Do You Have Paying Guests?

Fire Risk Assessment 2 - An example of a Professional Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment 3 - Example report generated using our Fire Risk Assessment Tool

Welcome Folder Template (Safety Related)

Word .doc format  (opens in Word or OpenOffice save it to your PC and then you can edit)

Text only .txt format (use if you are are having difficulty using the Word file)

Letting Contract Wordings (Fire Safety)

Clause preventing guests from bringing dangerous electrical appliances such as electric fires:

No electrical appliances (other than radios, mobile telephones, portable computers, and other small consumer electronic devices) may be brought into the property without the owner’s express permission.

Clause preventing the use of Fireworks:

Fireworks are not permitted to be used or brought onto the property or grounds unless the owner has given express written permission for them to be used or brought in.

Floorplans with Escape Routes

Floor plans can be a very useful tool to Fire Risk Assessors as they help to visualise how occupants will be able to escape in the event of a fire. They are also a good way to indicate to guests where all the exits are, particularly in large properties. The following are a couple of examples created with inexpensive floorplan software. It is also possible to reuse the plans from estate agent's particulars that you may already have copies of or use hand drawn versions provided they give useful information.

Escape Route Plan 2 storey 4 bedroom property

Escape Route Plan Single storey 1 bedroom property