Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Signs in Holiday Properties

The main reasons for providing fire safety signs in a holiday property would be to:

  • Tell guests what to do if a fire happens, how to call the Fire Service and the address of the property
  • Provide information on escape routes and emergency exits in case of fire
  • Provide information on the location of firefighting equipment

Fire Action Notice

This is probably the most important sign to provide because in any fire situation it is desirable for guests to evacuate the premises and call the Fire Service immediately. Therefore the sign should be in a prominent location so that the information is quickly available even to guests who may have only been in the property for a few hours and are not yet familiar with it.

Fire Action Sign

Less Obvious Fire Escape Routes

In many typical holiday lets the escape routes will be obvious, the front door and back door. However, as properties get bigger they tend to have other less-obvious alternative escape routes and these ideally should be marked with appropriate signs to make sure guests are aware that they can be used in an emergency. You also need to think about how people move away from the building outside. Let's say your back door opens into a narrow alleyway and the guests need to turn right to reach the lawn and a place of safety, but turning left will lead them to a dead end where they will have to turn around and head back past the burning property then signage is needed outside too.

It is advisable to add a simple floor plan to your welcome information with details of escape routes marked on it.

Fire Escape

Signs for Fire Fighting Equipment

In a large office building or factory, there could be literally hundreds of fire extinguishers provided. Although fire extinguishers always have a sign printed on them to show their type and how to use them, you notice that signs are also fixed to the wall above the extinguisher. The reason for this is to make it obvious when an extinguisher or other piece of fire fighting equipment has gone missing.

In a holiday cottage, you may have say two fire extinguishers and one fire blanket. Provided that you or your cleaner check that these are present at the start of each booking, then there may be less need to have the additional signs.

Some Practical Examples

Here's a fire safety sign provided by one of the UK's largest letting agents.

Country Holidays fire safety sign

The picture below shows a very practical sign from a holiday caravan. It contains a lot of useful information in one short sign.

Caravan sign