Fire Risk Assessment

Free Safety Information

The aim of this site is very simple! To help the owners of self-catering holiday properties by providing free and practical safety information with useful examples. By improving understanding, we hope to help site users make their holiday cottages safer for guests.

Many holiday cottage owners are unfamiliar with the concept of Fire Risk Assessment and find all the different rules for Electrical Safety, Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety and other requirements confusing. We pull together key ideas in a practical and industry relevant way and illustrate with pictures wherever possible. We also take a look at various Government Guides and Inspection Reports and pick out the key points for you.

This website will also be of assistance to Holiday Letting Agents and Fire Risk Assessors as it provides industry specific information based on actual experience of visitor behaviour. All of the pictures on this site are from actual holiday cottages and were collected over a period of several years to best illustrate the type of problems that can occur.

Risk Assessment Tools

To complement all our Free Safety Information, we have also developed some Online Tools which will assist owners to carry out and document their own assessments. These tools will walk you through the process, save you time and provide a detailed and professional-looking report for your file. 

Holiday Cottage Fire Risk Assessment Tool

  • Complete the questions as you would on any web-form
  • Your Fire Risk Assessment Report is compiled automatically by our site saving hours of typing
  • We email your report to you - it really is that simple
  • The tool is interactive and covers risks commonly found in holiday cottages and properties
  • Has already been used by many other Holiday Cottage owners
  • Based on recognised Fire Risk Assessment standards and practical industry experience
  • All reports sent in PDF format for easy storage and sharing
  • Costs just £8.99 paid securely via PayPal
  • You only pay once you have completed the form and are happy with it
  • For properties in England and Wales

Gas and Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment Tool - FREE

  • Complete the questions online
  • Your Gas and Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment Report is emailed to you
  • Quickly check your responsibilities and understand the risks from Carbon Monoxide
  • Check your arrangements against The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015
  • Specifically designed for the Holiday Letting Industry
  • Based on current regulations and practical industry guidance
  • All reports sent in PDF format for easy storage and sharing

Helping you to meet your responsibilities

The holiday letting industry has moved on a great deal in recent years and providing accommodation that is both appealing and safe has never been more important. It doesn't matter whether you let via an agent, directly through a website like AIRBNB or OwnersDirect or just a few weeks each year to friends and family, the law applies to you. If you get it right then letting your property will be a safer experience for you and your guests. Ignoring your responsibilities could lead to injury, insurance claims or worst of all, a fatality.

Help us to help you

To help keep this website the number-one resource for free holiday cottage safety information, please do contact us if you have had a bad experience with a safety issue, or have become aware of a new danger. If the information you provide is used on the website we will keep your identity confidential.

Scope of Information

The information on this website is intended for owners of individual self-catering holiday properties in England and Wales. The law is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Whilst much of the general information we provide will still be of practical benefit as an aid to understanding the types of hazards encountered in self-catering holiday properties owners must take care to ensure they are complying with local requirements.